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Business Meeting


"I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with En Vogue in their capacity as an Executive Career Coach and Mentor.  En Vogue's coaches really know how to bring out the best in every individual. In my case, they were able to workshop and identify key skills and attributes to help reshape and reframe my career profile and aspirations.  Working closely with En Vogue over the past few months, we were able to identify and unpack key issues holding me back. Through a series of exercises and techniques, they methodically worked through each and every issue and provided workable solutions and inspiration to take my career to the next level.  Always encouraging, understanding and supportive I found my En Vogue coach to be a pleasure to work with and have no hesitation in recommending them if you want to further your career objectives."
Nick Whetham, Owner, StoryHub
Sydney (2018)

Business Woman Vision


"I realised I was in a work situation that really wasn’t for me, being self-employed left me feeling stuck, uncertain and isolated. My confidence was at an all-time low and I knew it was time to transition back into employment.  This left me feeling overwhelmed not knowing what jobs and careers to look for, and most importantly how I would explain the past 5 years of self-employment and so I decided to try career coaching.  I looked into a few different career coaches for help and I decided on En Vogue, mainly due to how my Consultant was to talk to over the phone. From our initial strategy session, it was clear that I would need support in a range of areas and would benefit from both career planning and personal development coaching. My Consultant had a calm and logical method of coaching that truly connected and inspired me, their easy-to-follow steps were pragmatic, realistic, and highly motivational.  My sessions were eye-opening and I discovered quite a lot about myself as well in addition to what career path I should be pursuing. I was given tools to navigate through a professionally and personally uncertain period of transition in my life, helping me to better understand myself, unravel my priorities, challenge some old beliefs, restore my confidence, identify potential career paths, prepare me for interviews and create a plan for wrapping up my business once I gained employment.   I am now feeling less stressed, more positive and now very excited as my Consultant referred me to their personal contact who invited to interview for my first job and I won it! I would highly recommend En Vogue coaching for anyone who wants clarity or that extra push in life in order to tap into their unique skills to reach their full potential." 
Megan, Owner, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions
Adelaide (2018)

Business People Applauding


 "En Vogue was able to support me to define a strategic direction for our operation. Their commitment and level of expertise in enabling me to develop and own my own business goals was so important. They have established a way to keep me accountable for meeting my goals and objectives but not feeling like they are my overseer.  This makes it a very exciting future." 

Business Owner, Garden Party, Adelaide


Professional Woman in an Office


"I was referred to En Vogue when I was facing redundancy and needed help to prepare for interviews. In the beginning, they were pleasingly responsive, making themselves available very quickly and managing to deal with me in both a direct and sensitive manner. They will tell you the stuff that others won’t (for example that you need to firm up your handshake), assess your documentation with an impressive eye for detail and work with you on clear and concrete plans for action. Their perspective as a Career Coach especially when you are looking to change direction, is as invaluable as it is eye-opening.  What knocked my socks off was that it didn’t end there. En Vogue has maintained our association for much longer than I expected and continues to take a genuine interest in my career. It is a great feeling that I now have an independent sounding board who is completely separate from my usual networks! I highly recommend En Vogue to anyone who wants to take charge of their work life, whether they are reflecting on where they are, looking for the next step or thinking of changing direction."
Confidential, Executive Client 
Adelaide (2017)

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